You’re not looking for just anybody. You’re looking for a rock star. A major player. A rainmaker. Someone who can hit the ground running and make things happen. In short, you’re looking for talent.

You can’t afford mediocre.

If you’ve ever made a bad hire, you know what we’re talking about. “Nice guy, bad fit”—just doesn’t cut it these days. No one can afford the fallout from the quick, convenient hire. And no one can afford to go months without filling key leadership roles. That’s why you need an experienced talent acquisition partner.

We’re fast, focused and extremely picky.

Our job is to make yours easier. So we ask plenty of tough questions in order to understand exactly who you are, what you’re not seeing from the current candidates you’re interviewing, where your challenges are and what sort of cultural fit would be best for your organization.

Then, we go to work. Tapping our proprietary network of industry leaders and reaching out to talented candidates who may not even be looking. Yet.

Only the extraordinary make the cut.

Every candidate we present to you has been interviewed and vetted—by us, by industry colleagues, by reputation, by portfolio, by referral. We don’t waste your time (or ours) with anyone who isn’t infinitely qualified for the job.

We also spend a great deal of time educating our short-listers about you, your company and your expectations, so there is complete transparency and no surprises going into the interview process.

The result is a smoother, mutually beneficial search experience for both you and the candidates we present for your consideration.