You’re busy. Honing strategies, launching brands, building empires. You barely have time to hit the gym, let alone manage your own career.

You need a personal talent manager.

Think of us as one part personal trainer, one part financial advisor—with a healthy dose of cheerleader sprinkled in for good measure. Our job is to understand your unique talents and skill set, match you with the right opportunities and propel you forward to the next big thing.

We’re smart, demanding and passionate—like you.

Creative and marketing types are a rare breed. We get that. (No. We really get that.) Because before we launched The Talent Group, we worked for some of the biggest agencies and brands in the world. That means we have the insight, perspective and industry connections to open the right doors and position you for success.

Don’t put your dreams on hold.

The best time to explore new job opportunities is before you need to. So whether you’re looking for growth potential, new challenges, greater compensation to match your talent, or just thinking about making a fresh start—now is the time. Start the conversation by sending your resume. We’ll take it from there.