We’ve walked in your shoes, worn your hat(s) and know exactly what you’re up against. In short, we get it.  Because before we launched The Talent Group, we were senior-level professionals, managing business for some of the top ad agencies and brands in the world.

We know this business.

We understand the delicate ying-yang between creatives and marketers.  We know the realities of today’s economy and the versatility clients expect from their talent investment.  We appreciate that some people are strategic. Some are creative. And some—the rare ones—are both.

We don’t do blind dates.

Today we partner with both employers and candidates, helping them to find not just the right fit, but the rare fit.  We don’t just fill empty seats with warm bodies.  We don’t believe in a churn and burn, love ’em and leave ’em business model.  We believe in professional matchmaking that endures, well beyond the honeymoon stage.

We believe in long-term relationships.

The Talent Group partners with companies and agencies within the advertising, marketing and marketing communications industry. We are the leading talent magnet for smart, passionate, accomplished people who want to work for smart, passionate, accomplished companies.The Talent Group partners with companies and advertising agencies across most verticals including:

  • Pharmaceutical / Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Technology
  • Retail

The Talent Group has successfully placed candidates in the following positions:

  • Demand and Lead Gen / Nurture
  • Advertising, Marketing, Media
  • Product and Brand Marketing
  • Public Relations, Media Relations and Marketing Communications
  • Analytics and Measurement

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